What is TableCue?

Transform your wait list

In an age of widespread cellular internet, restaurants no longer need pagers to alert their customers. The time has come to "turn the page" on the way your guests wait for a table. Pagers are outdated technology; they're covered in germs and need constant maintenance. Nearly everyone has a cell phone today, and we use that as a very convenient platform to evolve the wait list. We've created a system which does exactly that, and here's what it means to you...

Enhancement of service to your guests

We have come to find that customers genuinely appreciate the trend away from pagers. As your guests wait patiently for their table, empower them with the ability to pass the time how and where they choose. Supplying that freedom naturally produces a happier customer. Join the technological trend and allow guests to receive a personal text message instead of handling a publically used pager prior to their meal. Do all of these things for your customers, and they will surely appreciate it.

Increase your bottom line

Given the choice, guests will choose to dine at the restaurant that doesn't restrict them to a lobby; they have better things to do such as shopping at nearby stores, running an errand or, if the wait is really long, catch a movie. What really matters to them is that they can choose how to spend that time. Guests will become aware of the service that is provided to them and frequent the restaurant that provides it. Along with increasing sales, our service will cut costs. Factoring in the replacement and maintenance costs for the individual pagers and main console, TableCue's wait list service can easily save you hundreds of dollars per location each year. We firmly believe that we have the best product in our market segment, and we proudly complement our service with best-in-class pricing.


For information on pricing, or to schedule a demonstration, please contact our sales team.